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Our blue hero relaxes in a large open filled enjoying the golden rays of the sun. He breaths in gentle warm breaths before closing his eyes completely covering his green irises. He yawned a little and started to sleep not knowing he was becoming a test subject. A man by the name of egg man rides in his mechanical floating vehicle grinning with his evil thoughts running through his mind. 'Time for me to give this chemical a test drive and what a perfect target' egg man thought. With that thought he released his latest chemical mixture even he did not know what it would do. It came from a can like object as he dropped it next to our sleeping Sonic, it sprays out the mist as egg man flees. Sonic wakes up just in time to see the mist move around his cobalt body.
Sonic: "What the -!" before he could finish the mist went into his body fully.
Sonic slowly felt something happen to him as he began to grow larger in size,His hair started to frizz and flair up,his eyes changed from a regular green to a glowing green,and his mind started to become a blur as he grew more and more larger. Soon the growing and changing stops as sonic is now 15 feet tall. while a regular Mobian is about 4 feet tall. He looked around with his now gleaming green emerald eyes seeming confused for a bit. He then stomped over to a nearby town allured by the smell of food he began to crave for. The Mobians around him were surprised by the large hedgehog as he stomped aimlessly through the crowds. He could see over small buildings with ease till he saw a slightly familiar face.
Shadow P.O.V
I was out to see if I could fine faker so we could have another showdown. The tow tailed friend of his told me he went off in this area but I saw no sign of him. I was about to give up till I heard some loud stomping approach me. I looked up to see Sonic larger then I ever saw him peering down at me with glowing green eyes.
Shadow: "Sonic what the crap happened to you!" He tilted his head left to right for a moment then he bended over me picking me up in his two large hands.
Shadow: "Sonic put me down NOW!" I gave him a death glare which usually works on him but this time no such luck. His eyes burned brighter as he began to look angered by my loud sudden out burst. I saw him grow even more in size. He seemed about 20 feet now as he towered over me growling.'This can't be good' I thought. But neither the less I found faker and now we can battle giant or not he's still going down! Faker moved fast as he smashed one large fist right over me. Luckily I moved from his attack before it got a chance to collide with me. He lifted his fist from the new hole in the street as he charged right at me. Normal sized he was fast now his long legs made him even faster. I nearly was nicked by his large forceful body. 'Glad I used chaos control'. A gave out a sigh and looked around this was not a good fighting area. Sonic looked over his shoulder growling at me as he stood back up from his last attack. I smirked
Sonic: "Come get me faker" I taunt as I run into a open meadow my burly foe arrived seconds after me. I ran up and punched him right in his large jaw. He winced before smacking me strait into the ground.
Shadow: "urg....bad move sonic" As I began to recover a large shadow overcast me. It was Sonic foot he was ready to stomp on me! The ultimate life form like a bug 'NO WAY IN HELL' I thought.
Shadow: "Chaos control!!" I was able to reappear about 30 meters away. I could see faker throwing an angry tantrum on where he thought I was. I simply chuckled but after that came a shocking look as sonic seemed to grow larger in size now he looked like he was 50 feet tall.
And his body looked different as more muscles pumped out as his hair and fur grew longer.' this turning me on?!?'. My face felt hot as I gave a slow swallow. Sonic finished his stomping as he looked down at the hole he made from his stomping he saw I was long gone and gave out a angry scream or roar though it sounded like a high pitch scream more then a roar. I shrugged and ran over next to him his Shadow was past over me. He looked down to see I was next to him. But instead of attacking he kneeled down and reached for me this time I did not say any thing when he lifted me. I was curios of what he was going to do. He lifted me up to his face studied my face and then.....Licked me all over my face with his giant tongue!! I was very shocked but I also blushed a little as he began to purr and tickle my chest fur with his giant finger. I saw his tail wag with excitement as he pulled me closer to him.
TBC (maybe just testin my skills -3- I like yaoi deal wiff it!!)
Sonic goes through 'changes' and Shadow now has to deal with a possessive giant...
Part 2:jiangshi-the-wolf.deviantart.c…
Part 3:jiangshi-the-wolf.deviantart.c…
Part 4:jiangshi-the-wolf.deviantart.c…
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Shadzerios Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very good one. :)
Please make more!
Jiangshi-the-wolf Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student General Artist
lolz I shall part 2 is already up ^^
LiveOnShadow Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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Jiangshi-the-wolf Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Hmm I don't know maybe I need to think more on it ^^ glad ya like
LiveOnShadow Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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